Fitch Group. Digital Printing. Share your ideas.

Fitch Group. Digital Printing. Share your ideas.

Fitch Group has been a leader in on-demand digital printing since the technology was introduced in 1989. Today, our Xerox 1000’s enable us to achieve 2400x2400 dpi (yes, that’s sharper than the Apple Retina display) and speed benchmarks of 100 color pg/min. This lightning fast production makes “rush” jobs manageable and yes — we feature not one, but two X1000’s.

Since most black and white printed jobs are imaged on two sides, we incorporated Océ’s Gemini duplex printing technology into our operation. This high speed engine drives two imaging belts that print both sides of the page in a single pass. Not only is the Océ 6320 fast, its also flexible, running a vast variety of paper grades and weights.

When you’re ready to print, our Prepress department will preflight your files and contact you with any potential print problems before your project travels down the production pipeline. The result is a printed piece of the highest quality — every time.

To get started, view our complete list of product offerings, then request quote or send file.

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