Fitch Group. Finishing. Distribution.

Fitch Group. Finishing. Distribution.

To complete the successful production of your on-demand printing needs, Fitch Group offers a broad array of distribution, shipping and mailing services. Through our partnerships with UPS/FedEx/DHL and USPS, we deliver your most critical and time sensitive documents with confidence.

Our services include:

  • In-house messengers & trucking
  • Drop shipping
  • Customized distribution
  • Off-site warehousing
  • Pick/pack fulfillment

We're also adept at handling data management and mail programs:

  • Data processing of print files and databases
  • Individual and mass mailing
  • Postal automation for maximum postal discount
  • Reporting and tracking statements (POD’s)

To get started, view our complete list of product offerings, then request quote or send file.

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