Fitch Group. About. History.

Fitch Group. About. History.

Our origins date back to 1886, when our founder, Francis Emory Fitch, established the Exchange Printing Company, which specialized in collecting, reporting and publishing stock trade 'tick' information for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). His reports were the first to include the stock name, number of shares traded (volume), price, and exact time of the trade’s transaction. Upon the close of a trading day, Francis and his staff would assemble the data, stylize and format the copy, then print the publication. Finally, he would have his 'daily' delivered by hand to his subscribers prior to the next day’s opening bell.

National Reproductions, Inc. (which later became part of Fitch Group) was one of the first working partners of a company known at the time as Haloid. Haloid was rapidly developing new technology called ‘electrophotography’ – which later to be known as ‘xerography’. In 1958, the company became Haloid Xerox and later in 1961, it became simply Xerox Corporation. We maintain a relationship with Xerox employing their latest technologies into our operation.

The tragedy of September 11th affected New York in so many ways. Fitch Group was impacted strongly, as our corporate headquarters and plant, located directly south of the South Tower of the World Trade Center, were completely destroyed.

Like all New Yorkers, we are resilient. With great fortune and the fortitude, vision and commitment of our owners, John K. Fitch III, President and George Pavlides, CEO, we were able to continue the company’s proud heritage. Motivated by an unwavering sense of loyalty, dedication and responsibility to their employees, these men resurrected Fitch Group by completely rebuilding our facilities within a year of 9/11. In doing so, we were able to continue employment opportunities for our staff of 60+, while still offering our core services to our loyal client base.

Francis Emory Fitch’s unique and innovative publishing practice has developed into a robust operation offering a host of printing products and services. Operating from our facility at 229 West 28th Street in New York City, you’ll find a company rooted in tradition, constantly embracing change in order to continue to deliver the highest customer benefit to our clients.

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Fitch Group • 1886 – 2016